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Re: AT&T Broadband

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Wed Dec 19 03:44:36 2001

> You're actually suggesting calling up phone support for a residential
> cable Internet service?
> Come on: these people wouldn't know what 24/8 meant if every piece of
> networking equipment with an IP in 24/8 landed in front of their office.
> They wouldn't know what TCP ports are, either, and they'd probably just
> say "sorry, we only support Internet Explorer and Outlook Express"
> Oh, and email support is generally worse... Often, it goes to /dev/null
> and you don't even get to be "entertained" by a reply that doesn't have
> anything to do with the question.

Wow. And I thought that this only happened in the UK. But then again,
Network Solutions have this automated 'bob' that returns a randomised reply
based on the checksum of the first line of the message. Or so it seems. When
they like. Maybe.

Nice to see the misery shared.