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RE: AT&T Broadband

  • From: Vivien M.
  • Date: Wed Dec 19 00:56:31 2001

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> Sent: December 19, 2001 12:48 AM
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> On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 08:04:30PM -0600, Matthew S. Hallacy wrote:
> > Yes, this is correct.
> 	Sounds like an issue for the e-mail or telephone 
> support people at your provider, then.  It's amazing what you 
> can find out by actually picking up a telephone these days.

You're actually suggesting calling up phone support for a residential
cable Internet service?

Come on: these people wouldn't know what 24/8 meant if every piece of
networking equipment with an IP in 24/8 landed in front of their office.
They wouldn't know what TCP ports are, either, and they'd probably just
say "sorry, we only support Internet Explorer and Outlook Express"

Oh, and email support is generally worse... Often, it goes to /dev/null
and you don't even get to be "entertained" by a reply that doesn't have
anything to do with the question. 

IMHO, the best way to get problems fixed with these things is to
befriend their admins, and the NANOG mailing list seems like a perfectly
good place to find out who they are...

Vivien M.
[email protected]
Assistant System Administrator
Dynamic DNS Network Services