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Re: OT: Lost job? Need help? NANOG Recruiting BOF!

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Tue Dec 18 11:44:03 2001

Jake Khuon wrote:
> ### On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 23:21:27 -0500, Timothy Brown
> ### <[email protected]> casually decided to expound upon
> ### [email protected] the following thoughts about "OT: Lost job? Need help?
> ### NANOG Recruiting BOF!":
> TB> that are in this boat like I am, it might make more sense to network
> TB> with each other - as a result, i'd like to start a recruiting BOF for
> TB> people in the NANOG circle.
> TB>
> TB> I'd like to suggest as a starting point that interested parties looking for
> TB> a job send mail to me privately with a brief overview of your qualifications
> TB> and a link to a place for your resume.  I'll create a webpage and mailing
> TB> list with this information before the holidays, and i'll send a summary to
> TB> nanog containing the relevant information for both employers and candidates.
> While I appreciate the efforts involved in bringing together people and
> employers (I too have been unemployed due to recent layoffs), I would
> caution us to distance this from NANOG as it does not fit the charter of
Hmmm... Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.  Keeping the quality people on 
the net on the net and able to keep the net humming is definitely, in
my opinion, a Network Issue requiring Coordination, under the current
circumstances.  As such, I think this is at least a gray area.  Besides,
NANOG is a community.  NANOG BOFs cover things that may or may not be
within the NANOG charter, but which impact the NANOG community.  As
I think it's entirely appropriate to a BOF.

(One of the lucky few that hasn't been RIF'd yet)

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