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Re: OT: Lost job? Need help? NANOG Recruiting BOF!

  • From: K.Graham
  • Date: Mon Dec 17 14:55:50 2001

This is a very good idea Timothy.   As part of the [email protected] RIF, myself 
and all others in the Toronto Network Operations Center found ourselves 
without a position last friday.   Any and all help would be appreciated in 
finding myself in a new position quickly.   I would really hate to loose the 
knowledge I gained over the past year on the grave shift. 

My info will be sent to you shortly.


On Sunday 16 December 2001 11:21 pm, Timothy Brown wrote:
> Hey, folks.
> It's pretty much a fact of life that layoffs are evident.  They've happened
> to a lot of us already, as I know from talking to many people on this list
> and elsewhere.  The market's terrible, and I know that there are a lot of
> people surfing through job sites not really finding anything.  Those of you
> that are in this boat like I am, it might make more sense to network
> with each other - as a result, i'd like to start a recruiting BOF for
> people in the NANOG circle.
> I'd like to suggest as a starting point that interested parties looking for
> a job send mail to me privately with a brief overview of your
> qualifications and a link to a place for your resume.  I'll create a
> webpage and mailing list with this information before the holidays, and
> i'll send a summary to nanog containing the relevant information for both
> employers and candidates.
> Please also include what type of job/ideal function you'd like to be in,
> and your key area of expertise.
> If you're an employer needing to be connected with candidates, or you know
> of any recruiting firms or friends in that business who are having trouble
> finding qualified network engineering, operations, or design staff with the
> flood of people in the marketplace, please also send me mail so I can add
> that information to the list.
> Thanks!
> Tim