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Re: AS 701 local-pref answer.

  • From: Mike Leber
  • Date: Sun Dec 16 21:49:42 2001

Thank you for pointing that out.  I was being dense and reading way too
much into the statements:

[email protected] wrote:
> All the responses I have gotten indicate that UUnet does indeed set
> local-pref on both customers and peers to 100 (or leave default in this
> case).  Thanks for all the responses...

Especially when the 701 communities were already provided by German
Martinez.  *DOH*

In other words, 701 transit customers that actually want to ensure their
downstream customer routes are announced by 701 had better set the
appropriate community so that local pref gets set above 100.  By default
this is not done.

Pardon me while I get some much needed rest.


On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, David Barak wrote:

> Mike Leber wrote:
> >If they set local pref for both peers and customers
> >to 100 how do they
> >ensure that the customer transit routes are
> >announced to peers?
> >The reason I ask this is because if a customer 
> >announces a customer of
> >theirs to you that a peer also has as a customer >you
> will have equal
> >length routes for the same destination AS.  While
> >there are many ways to
> >deterministicly prefer customer routes, local pref
> >is the most common.
> AS 701 always announces the best route, as their
> routers know it.  Their average AS-path length is
> under 2, so it doesn't seem to be a problem.  If a
> customer of AS 701 wants to insure that his/her route
> is advertised in all cases, s/he could send a
> community which AS701 edge devices could use to
> manipulate local-preference upward.  [this was covered
> in a previous posting on this topic]  I leave it to
> your imagination whether peers would be permitted to
> do this.
> -David Barak
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