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Re: Anyone know if's ever going to clean up their DNS?

  • From: Matthew S. Hallacy
  • Date: Fri Dec 14 11:04:04 2001

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 02:21:49PM -0800, Joe St Sauver wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone know if's every going to clean up their DNS issues? 

> I tried the number I formerly had for the ATT Worldnet NOC (201-331-4773),
> but that number is out of service. The ATT IP Services NOC folks at 
> 1-800-288-3199 disclaim any knowledge of ATT BI, and suggest trying
> 1-877-288-3485. If you call 1-877-288-3485, you get a nice little 
> automated attendant talking about going out of business issues, but no NOC. 

You might as well have tried 866 447 7333, then you could talk to people in
another country (Canada) who will tell you to repeatedly power cycle your
cable modem to fix it.

> Looking on the web, I see nothing relevant at
> (although maybe I should take the fact that they're using a dotted quad 
> for their web server as a clue that DNS is not their strong suit). 

Those pages are absolutely useless, and the network status page is never

> I've also had multiple users tell me that they've complained about this
> issue to their ATTBI customer support reps, only to be blown off by the
> first tier support reps; when they ask to talk to a supervisor, they are
> told "sorry, there's nothing we can do."
> We went through this all once before back in the days when ATTBI.Com
> customers were [email protected] customers, and [email protected] was finally able to 
> grasp and fix the issue, but right now I'm about ready to start telling
> users with this issue that they should strongly consider changing broadband 
> providers because it doesn't look like ATTBI's ever going to get their
> DNS squared away.

I was having problems for the past 3 months with bad delegations (NS3/4/
were authoritative, but did not answer for the zone, while the nameservers passed out
via DHCP did respond authoritatively for the IP block I was in (

Fortunately my problems have been solved, unfortunately their resolution was to move all
the customers (that I'm aware of) from my node, and the surrounding nodes, to new IP blocks.

As I've said before, the service is great until you need to interact with them.

					Matthew S. Hallacy

> Thanks,
> Joe St Sauver ([email protected])
> University of Oregon Computing Center