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Anyone know if's ever going to clean up their DNS?

  • From: Joe St Sauver
  • Date: Thu Dec 13 17:26:31 2001


Anyone know if's every going to clean up their DNS issues? 

As far as I can tell, is advertising number-to-name for their
clients, but if you then check the claimed name by doing name-to-number
for consistency, it fails. For example resolves fine to but then if you try resolving the claimed
address of to a dotted quad, you get a 
non-existent host/domain error. Obviously this is an issue if you have
hosts using tcp wrappers in anti-spoofing (e.g., so-called "paranoid" mode). 

I tried the number I formerly had for the ATT Worldnet NOC (201-331-4773),
but that number is out of service. The ATT IP Services NOC folks at 
1-800-288-3199 disclaim any knowledge of ATT BI, and suggest trying
1-877-288-3485. If you call 1-877-288-3485, you get a nice little 
automated attendant talking about going out of business issues, but no NOC. 

Looking on the web, I see nothing relevant at 
(although maybe I should take the fact that they're using a dotted quad 
for their web server as a clue that DNS is not their strong suit). 

I've also had multiple users tell me that they've complained about this
issue to their ATTBI customer support reps, only to be blown off by the
first tier support reps; when they ask to talk to a supervisor, they are
told "sorry, there's nothing we can do."

We went through this all once before back in the days when ATTBI.Com
customers were [email protected] customers, and [email protected] was finally able to 
grasp and fix the issue, but right now I'm about ready to start telling
users with this issue that they should strongly consider changing broadband 
providers because it doesn't look like ATTBI's ever going to get their
DNS squared away.

Anyone seeing any evidence to the contrary?


Joe St Sauver ([email protected])
University of Oregon Computing Center