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Re: Cabling databases and wireless networks

  • From: Eric Gauthier
  • Date: Wed Dec 12 15:49:07 2001

> curious ... how did you implement this database ? Was it a commercial offering
> or is it a 'robust' home grown solution?

Today, its just a home-grown Oracle database with a web front-end for
searches.  My impression (though I'm not the DBA who built it / maintains
it) is that there are tables for equipment with attributes like
hostname, IP, subnet that it drives, physical location, # ports, etc.,
as well as location tables for each of our core wiring closets that
contain patch panel informaiton, drop numbers, locations, etc.
If you are looking for details, drop me a note offline and I'll forward
it to our DBA.

Having said all that, we are thinking about moving to a more 
commercial system so that we can tie the information into a ticket
system, asset tracking system, etc. (i.e. Pinnacle, Remedy, etc).  But, 
as with all things in todays market, "thinking" means "sitting 
around the lunch table and saying "that would be neat" and not "I 
have a budget".  [Translation: sales droids, do NOT send inquiries because 
we have no money to spend on this nor am I authorized to approve any 
spending for this.]

Eric :)