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SUMMARY: Robust/feature-rich RADIUS server

  • From: Rubens Kuhl Jr.
  • Date: Tue Dec 11 13:20:37 2001

Thanks for all private and public answers. Besides the two I mentioned
on the original posting (NavisRadius and Interlink), two other RADIUS
servers seems to be quite popular and trusted by various NANOG readers:
- Radiator ( 
- Steel-Belted Radius (

The following products have received one or two mentions:
- Widespan (
- FreeRadius (
- Navipath (no longer in business)
- Cisco Access Registrar (

Rubens Kuhl Jr.

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Subject: Robust/feature-rich RADIUS server

Any suggestions on RADIUS servers that are robust (i.e, scale to
hundreds/thousand of NAS, high number of auths/s), feature-rich (proxy,
L2TP, broadband and aggregated dial typical parameters), that can be
taylored to business rules and overall environment ?

NavisRadius and Interlink(formerly Merit AAA) are natural competitors, I
was looking for other forces on the xSP market.

Rubens Kuhl Jr.