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Re: Network Operations Luminaries?

  • From: Joel Baker
  • Date: Mon Dec 10 17:54:02 2001

On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 11:15:25AM -0800, Clayton Fiske wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 10:18:48AM -0700, Joel Baker wrote:
> > 
> > I don't have a timeline to know which happened first; 2551 was down, or at
> > least the majority of it was, for something on the order of 48-72 hours.
> > The rendition I heard assigned the moniker because one of the major news
> > outlets said that the mistake which triggered it was "like a misplaced
> > ampersand". It was certainly the one on the wall beside his legacy Chevy's
> > sombrero.
> My oh my, how the versions differ.
> As was recounted to me, the outage was about 19 hours, and was due to
> the semantics of Cisco config mode. Something like:
> router ospf 1234
> redistribute bgp subnets route-map blah
> (everything fine, now let's turn it off...)
> no redistribute bgp subnets route-map blah
> So tell me, does this turn off the redistribution, or just remove the
> route-map... :)
> And this is certainly worth remembering. Had I not known of this, I
> could likely have made the same mistake at some point.

Interesting. I wonder if we're discussing two separate events. The one I
knew of supposedly involved a regex with a misplaced .*, which seems like
a fairly fundamentally different lesson. Both valuble, though...

(and thus is demonstrated one of the hazards of a purely oral tradition...
 human memories are notorious for showing all of the properties of most
 complex neural networks, including partial matching triggering more than
 one pattern...)
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