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Re: To ask for the impossible......

  • From: Paul Wouters
  • Date: Mon Dec 10 16:02:08 2001

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, deeann mikula wrote:

> 1.877.438.8580 is the "partner's support center" where i speak to
> semi-clueful humans.  i'll admit that i often have to hang up and try
> to get another operator who is helpful, but i generally get one.
> you may have to be in one of their special business associate
> partnerships to use that service, but often times no one asks for my
> partner ID anyway.

Thanks. That number indeed worked. I had to call twice because the first
representative of NetSol asked for the partner id number, and when I
failed the test put me through into the subhuman queue. But the second
person I called didn't ask me for it.

Ofcourse, they couldn't help me with the failed transfers because I didn't
have a ticket number, because they haven't emailed me yet about the 
failed transfers. I was advised to mail [email protected]

I'm hoping my contact with GKG (the new registrar) will provide more help.
So far, they've been more then excellent in helping me transfer all our
domains away from Network Dominion.
Thanks for the help people. As for Robert Gibson who mailed me and said
he only lived 8 miles from them and offered to call them for me, can I
reserve you for some other ways of creatively making (physical) contact? :)

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