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Re: Network Operations Luminaries?

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Dec 08 17:48:34 2001

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Pete Kruckenberg wrote:
> What would be the network operations equivalents to revered
> business tomes like "The Practice of Management", "Seven
> Habits of Highly Successful People", "The G.E. Way" (and a
> variety of others that populate the shelves of your friendly
> local executive)?

Although Internet CEOs and CFOs have been running around screaming
"The Internet is different, the old rules don't apply" most of the
business of network operations is "Those who cannot remember the past
are  doomed to repeat it."  Dilbert and Drucker are applicable as
always.  But I suspect that's not the answer you want.

Here are a few suggestions for books which should be on every Internet
manager's bookshelf.  It wouldn't hurt to read a few of them too :-)

Bell Labs ; Engineering and Operations in the Bell System

Brooks, Frederick ; The Mythical Man-Month

Economides, Nicholas ; The Economics of Networks (a paper which should be
a book)

Humphrey, Watts ; Managing Technical People

Huston, Geoff ; ISP Survival Guide

Kahin, Brian, editor ; Coordinating the Internet

Knight, Christopher ; ISP Marketing Survival Guide

Neumann, Peter ; Computer-Related Risks

Schneider, Fred, editor ; Trust in Cyberspace

Shapiro & Varian ; Information Rules