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Re: charter peering

  • From: Roy
  • Date: Thu Dec 06 10:24:46 2001

From my dealings with Charter here is California, its a black hole.  You call or write the company and never receive replies.  Charter also seem to have some weird ideas.  They are currently arguing with the local government on why it is technically impossible to bury the distribution equipment like they agreed to a few years ago

Personal advice:  Stay as far away from Charter as you can

"Turpin, Mark" wrote:

A lot of discussion lately has been about peering and also the @Home network.Since my first post on the topic, I've received a few emails about private peering, and requests for public peering if we were to locate ourselves at a site to support it.I've been working with a few of the southeastern and central region folks on examining their network, and determining just where exactly we have connectivity.I would be interested in hearing from those of you with connectivity in CharlotteAtlantaSt. Louis, and Chicago.Please keep in mind; this is simply a request to see who is interested in peering, if we were to, in one of those locations.Not an actual request to peer.This will assist me in determining the ramifications of options that exist.To keep traffic off the list, you can reply directly to me.