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Re: Open Source BGP-router?

  • From: Neil J. McRae
  • Date: Thu Dec 06 08:56:15 2001

> I have implemented a number of network throughout the years (shut up Neil
> :-) starting with Gated on NetBSD then OpenBSD and then switched gated to
> zebra.
> Current personal 'state of the art' is OpenBSD 3.0 with zebra 0.92a -
> waiting for the new stuff in the zebra CVS tree to hit a new release.


I was going to suggest the same thing, a few things to bear
in mind with this approach:

It needs significant maintenance in a high bandwidth / large network
setup, i.e. its fine for driving a couple of E1 or T1's and maybe a couple
of FE's but beyond that it turns into a management nightmare. Tweaking
kernel compile parameters in the middle of the night because you've
ran out of sometype of buffer isn't my idea of fun. If you are strapped
for cash then I highly recommend it but thats about the only 
situation I'd recommend it in, you can also gain a number of 
flexibilities in that you can hack the source code and do alsorts
of other interesting stuff.