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RE: interesting CAR related crashes in 12.0(14)S

  • From: Joe Marr
  • Date: Mon Dec 03 21:11:16 2001

	Are the GigE cards single port or 3 port. I jave had issues with
packetloss on the 3 port GigE cards on my GSRs.


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Subject: Re: interesting CAR related crashes in 12.0(14)S

> Alex,
> Typically when people say crash they mean the router rebooted.
> But in your description you are talking about packet loss.

I am talking about packet loss, crash, packet loss, crash, packet loss,
crash and so on.
> Send me a 'sh tech' *OFFLINE* and a more detailed description
> of the problem.  We'll post a response to the alias once it's a bit
> more clear what the issue is.

I understand the point of image/damage control, thought at this time
what I
am interested is not a reply from Cisco along the lines of "please send
'sh tech'". Rather I am interested in hearing from people who are using
in non-lab environments about similiar issues since I happen to have a
that should I not get that background information myself, I would have a
problem convincing people that the issue had even been there... 

So, returning to my original question...

Does anyone know of "interesting" crashes related to CAR on GSRs running
IOS release close to what I have described... (Since during the past
the same router in the same setup with the same IOS ran just fine when
was applying same type of rate-limiting to 3x as much traffic on a


> Thanks,
> rodney 
> On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 07:00:05PM -0500, [email protected] wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 	Does anyone know of any "interesting" bugs that are triggered on
> > GSRs with CAR active running 12.0(14)S, preferably S3? The simptoms
> > > 40% packet loss with the aggregate gige traffic being under
> > The total number of VLANs that GSR sees is about 100...
> > 
> > Alex
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