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RE: AT&T @Home customers - what AS are you moving into?

  • From: Turpin, Mark
  • Date: Mon Dec 03 17:45:06 2001

@home -> Charter will show up as:
22665, 22521, 19115, 19157, 22269, 22291, 20115, there might be a couple
more as time goes by.  However, due to the fact that nearly all these sites
connect via 7018, look for 7018.


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From: Anthony Pardini
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Subject: Re: AT&T @Home customers - what AS are you moving into?

I show them with the /8.

BGP routing table entry for

At 03:51 PM 12/3/2001, Christian Nielsen wrote:

>On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 [email protected] wrote:
> > For those of you who have had your connection switch from AT&T @Home
> > to AT&T Broadband, would you mind providing a sample prefix (or at
> > destination AS) that you're now in?
> >
> > @home (AS6172) played a significant traffic role on my network, and
> > want to make sure I'm prepared for any potential shift as customers
> > are moved off that backbone.
>Earlier, someone posted 12.233.190/23 which is out of the 7018 range of
>I would assume that everyone of the [email protected] customers will be behind
>7018. Remember that ATT is not all of the @home customer base.
>If you have been watching traffic growth over that past few years, you
>would have noticed that 7018 has continued to grow while other large
>networks arent growing or arent growing as fast.
>i am me, i dont write/speak for them

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