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Re: @Home ordered to shutdown at Midnight

  • From: Miles Fidelman
  • Date: Sat Dec 01 21:03:31 2001

On Sat, 1 Dec 2001, Matthew S. Hallacy wrote:

> I've had no problems, apparently some people are on AT&T @Home, while
> others are on AT&T Broadband, I am an AT&T Broadband customer, some of
> my friends (Atlanta, Seattle) are AT&T @Home customers who no longer
> have access, AT&T claims that everyone who lost access lastnight will
> be online with AT&T Broadband within ~10 days.

I think it depends on whether you were originally a MediaOne cable system
or a TCI system.  MediaOne systems still use Roadrunner as their ISP,
while TCI was Excite-based. Lucky for me, I'm on a former MediaOne net.

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