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Re: Next generation DSLAMs

  • From: srihari varada
  • Date: Mon Nov 26 19:24:45 2001

Read the posts by Geoff (inlcuding the provided article) and Miquel. I am trying to
understand if ILECs could provision IP-VPN and MPLS-VPN service (not internet access)
to, for instance, business subscribers with the ISPs, competitive and non-competitive, still providing
internet access (and, perhaps Layer 2 or IP-VPN or MPLS-VPNs). Would this be prohibited
by regulations? If so, under what context. Is it because, competitiveness would be hampered
from the value added service provisioning point of view? Miquel had some references to it.
Some elaborations would be useful.

Secondly, is it reasonable to say that the notion of next generation DSLAMs a myth (until
regulations change) from the perspective of provisioning IP-VPNs or MPLS-VPNs right in them.


Srihari Varada

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