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Next generation DSLAMs

  • From: srihari varada
  • Date: Wed Nov 21 12:20:30 2001


I would like to know what services are planned to be converged on the next generation DSLAM boxes
from the service provider point of view. A servicve that was talked of was the VPNs provisioned through
either ATM or IP/MPLS backbone networks. What would be the OSS support in them? I would be interested
in the subscriber management models especially. Any known literature available in the public domain?

I do understand that the majority of the current DSLAMs implement common denominator function (that is to restrict their funcitonality at switching or teminating ATM PVCs.) PPP and PPPoE,
designed to preserve dialup experience and capital investment of ISPs on dial up infrastructure,
will be processed at the competitive or non-competitve ISP domains.


Srihari Varada

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