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Re: RBL turf wars (was: ABOVE.NET BLOCKING ORBZ!)

  • From: Margie Arbon
  • Date: Fri Nov 16 23:07:05 2001

--On Friday, November 16, 2001 7:30 PM -0800 Roger Marquis <[email protected]> wrote:

We can't either.  Attached is a letter from a customer forwarded
to our upstream (another victim/ISP).  If Above.Net wants
to shed customers like a duck sheds water these filters will surely
have that effect.

Point of clarification:

RBL is a registered service mark of MAPS, refering to the Realtime Blackhole List.

This has **nothing** to do with us. At All.

Margie Arbon Mail Abuse Prevention System, LLC
[email protected]