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RE: [nsp] Cisco 7206 Reboot / Bus Error

  • From: Gyorfy, Shawn
  • Date: Fri Nov 16 08:54:30 2001

Thank you for all your responses.  

With all your help we have narrowed it down to a software bug and a customer
running a port scan.  We were running Version 12.1(3a)T2 IOS and one of our
customers decided to run a port scan (We called them and asked what was he
doing).  Someone told us to look for '%RCMD-4-RSHPORTATTEMPT:', we did and
found it just a few seconds before the router rebooted.  He referenced that
attempt with the IOS a determined it was Cisco bug CSCds07326.  We have
since upgraded our routers to the current IOS.  Again thanks for all your


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On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 09:00:39AM -0600, Zhang, Anchi wrote:

> problem.  Maybe my problem is related to CSCdv06207 though I seem
> luckier that the router does not crash.

I've heard that sort of problem rumored on the list recently; you may like
to have a look through the archives (on

CSCdv06207 is not triggered by the operator, rather it's triggered by timing
of flow expiry in the router for the NBAR and ACL processes.