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NorthStar Released

  • From: Hitesh Patel
  • Date: Tue Nov 13 22:13:11 2001

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Well, the guys beat me to it but I am happy to announce
the release of the NorthStar IP Address Tracking System v1.0 at:

NorthStar is a system to track IP allocations and assign 
them to specific Devices, Owners, and Locations.  NorthStar can 
nest allocations as deep as you like and also has a user permissions
system to control additions, modifications, and deletions of data.

NorthStar is still under development and already has many additional
features waiting to be released after testing, however v1.0 is fully
functional and has been in use in a production environment for over 3
months now.

For more information please visit
or email me at the address in my signature.

Please note that this software is written by me and does not
represent the views of my employer in any way.

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Hitesh Patel
[email protected]
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