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Re: DNS Host Handles/Registrations

  • From: Tim Wilde
  • Date: Wed Nov 07 17:26:49 2001

> Yes, this is correct.  However, it doesn't matter what info NSOL has.  If the
> "host record" they're using matches up with something that's registered in
> Internic WHOIS, then the GTLD servers will use the correct info when updating
> the glue records in the SOA.  The only effective symptom of having the wrong
> info in the NSOL WHOIS is annoyance and confused customers.

Actually, no - it can prevent registrations (with NSI only) under a
specific set of circumstances, which we came across.  Specifically, one IP
is originally, and changes to when
another box (in another location, entirely different IPs) comes online as
ns3.  NSI registrar has decided to make their host record for ns3 pointing
to that IP; anyone attempting to register with ns3 and the old IP gets an
error, ditto for anyone trying to list ns5, which can't get auto-created
because another host exists with the IP.

Three phone calls to NSI later, I had three different answers for how they
were going to fix it, and no resolution, and no escalation to a supervisor
even after I'd requested it.  It eventually either a) fixed itself or b)
got fixed by the person who was the tech contact for ns3; it isn't _truly_
fixed until those records are out of NSI registrar's database, but it's
fixed enough that NSI works.  As Vivien mentioned, though, we've
recommended to all of our customers that they not use NSI; we've had far
better luck with Dotster.


Tim Wilde
[email protected]
Systems Administrator
Dynamic DNS Network Services