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Re: 214/8 and 215/8

  • From: Philip Smith
  • Date: Thu Nov 01 21:09:03 2001

At 17:12 01/11/2001 +0000, [email protected] wrote:
> So I seem to be missing something that keeps me from understanding this --
> why didn't they just turn off the /9 of mixed /16 and /24 space and
> keep the two pre-existing historical class-As, which would have more
> fully followed the BCPs?
> Sean.

legecy hardware/software. Fully classless kit was just becoming
common at the time. (cisco did not support it across the product line)
What, in March 1998 when the exchange was made?? Which product for example? (It may not have been a Cisco default, but as far as I know everything has been classless supporting since at least 1993.)