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RE: Long haul latency calculation?

  • From: Bruce Morgan
  • Date: Sun Sep 30 22:41:14 2001

Hi Chris,

On long haul and reasonable bandwidth, I figure as a rough estimate to
divide the distance in kilometers by 100 will be a very close approximation
to an RTT in ms. For instance I get 147 ms ICMP RTT on the Southern Cross
Sydney-Seattle link where the fibre path is about 14700 km. It assumes a
transmission speed close to .66 the speed of light. The calculation using
miles is a little messier ;-)


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> Subject: Long haul latency calculation?
> Dear Nanog:
> I was wondering if there is a benchmark for long-haul circuit
> latency...  For example if I had a T1 circuit with 2900 miles
> between the two end-points (and assuming the provider is best
> case scenario) can I do something like (miles*latencyfactor) = 5
> ms for 2900 miles?
> Thanks,
> Christopher