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Rethinking emergency response: Vunerable bunkers

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Sep 29 14:05:37 2001

Now that a little time has passed, people are starting to
evaluated how well things worked, or didn't.  Since I used
to design high-availability sites, this article about how
well the NYC emergency operations center worked caught my
(nyt has restored their requirement for registration)

Before the next NANOG, I would still like to hear from ISPs
with facilities in the region about how well the Internet and
communications infrastructure worked, and any suggestions they
may have for changes.

The biggest danger I see looming on the horizon is the secrecy
will lead to groupthink, and some very bad decisions.  While
there is no need to tell people your secret PIN, sharing "lessons
learned" can help make the entire system more robust.  Or if
you didn't learn a lesson, what worked.

Also, if anyone needs someone to review their colo or provider's
facilities, I'm available.  I have the bad feeling, the amount
of snake oil will rise.