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RE: Verio Peering Question

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Sat Sep 29 02:44:27 2001

At 10:20 PM 9/28/2001 -0700, Randy Bush wrote:
>my time flies. it's so comforting to have this discussion again so we
>don't have to think and can just reiterate the same old flamage. or
>maybe the net is now old enough that a significant proportion of our
>population has altzheimers. i will 'fess up to having 'senior moments'

First, while the flames may be the same, the times they are a changing. What was good "back then" may or may not be good now.

That said, I have tried (and succeeded, I think) to keep from commenting on the Sprint filters, other than to relate historical fact.

>the only new thing this time is that you now have a financial interest
>in routing table pollution. or am i mistaken that sockeye devices will
>be announcing small prefixes in an attempt to steer inbound traffic?

You are mistaken. Sockeye does not inject prefixes into the global table.

Tell me, did you have any operational content to post, or just erroneous flames? "Resist the cycle of useless posts, boys and girls." And do it 'cause someone with clue just told you to. :)


patrick (not an employee of Sockeye)