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Re: The backbone that sucks least?

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Fri Sep 28 23:14:05 2001

> > Do they manage tickets with Keystone?  I've heard you mention
> > that as a decent trouble ticket system in the past.

UUNET has some kind of localized commercial hybrid tracking system, it
doesn't look like Keystone from my outsider (former customer) perspective.

I really liked Keystone while it was growing.

> Keystone is, unfortunatly, indisputably dead at the moment.  White
> Pajama Software bought it from Stonekeep, and promptedly turfed it in
> favor of their homegrown software.  The source is "available", but it
> was never released under any kind of OSS license, so you're stuck with
> the last "official" release (which, while usable, still had tons of
> bugs and usability issues), and there's no active development going
> on right now.

I've seen nothing I like better, warts and all.

I guess if there were a standard database schema and interchange format
for trouble tickets, so that folks could choose their front end and back
end systems from different sources (and maybe for different strengths), a
lot of duplicate effort could still be avoided.(*)

(*) I only said that to make Jerry and DRC <winge>.  IRTS 'til it hurts, man.