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RE: The Gorgon's Knot. Was: Re: Verio Peering Question

  • From: E.B. Dreger
  • Date: Fri Sep 28 19:22:12 2001

> Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:44:38 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Sean M. Doran <[email protected]>

[ snip ]

> I think we should encourage people to introduce individual /32s
> into the network and flap them around a bit, to force some

I've not seen anyone suggest allowing longer than /24 in this
thread.  However, I'll definitely admit that, with name-based
hosting, some webhosts most certainly could want to announce long

> issues which have been avoided becauase first Sprint and then
> Verio have been willing to take a bunch of negative PR in the
> act of self-protection (which has the side-effect of protecting

So allow le 24 at the border.  Allow le <whatever> internally,
and tag so it doesn't redistribute.  Apply appropriate dampening.

> alot of people who generate the negative PR, and everyone
> else).

I guess that someone who never hears a route is certainly safe
from flappage.

I guess that we can:

1. Continue arguing over right/wrong (nanog-l as a whole; I'm not
   _quite_ crazy enough to try taking on Sean publicly *grin*)

2. See which approach works in the long run (the network that
   dies with the most money wins)

3. Establish guidelines on what is "acceptable" table size, CPU
   utilization, etc., and then decide how to get there.

Consider that, with providers being pushed to use name-based
hosting, NAT, etc., it's very desirable to "basement multihome".

Are big providers so desparate for business that the want to
prevent customers from multihoming, attempting to be the sole
vendor of bandwidth?

All that said, I _do_ favor IP allocation based on region.  Say
I connect to KSCYMO, which connects to CHCGIL or DLLSTX... IP
allocation would be from a sub-ARIN entity in one of those 
regions.  Make space portable between providers...

Wait a second.  All of this sounds vaguely familiar... ;-)


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