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Re: The backbone that sucks least?

  • From: Nathan J . Mehl
  • Date: Fri Sep 28 16:13:04 2001

In the immortal words of Chris Beggy  ([email protected]):
> Do they manage tickets with Keystone?  I've heard you mention
> that as a decent trouble ticket system in the past.

Keystone is, unfortunatly, indisputably dead at the moment.  White
Pajama Software bought it from Stonekeep, and promptedly turfed it in
favor of their homegrown software.  The source is "available", but it
was never released under any kind of OSS license, so you're stuck with
the last "official" release (which, while usable, still had tons of
bugs and usability issues), and there's no active development going
on right now.

But I'm not bitter, no.

-n, former small-time Keystone developer

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