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Re: The Gorgon's Knot. Was: Re: Verio Peering Question

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Fri Sep 28 16:02:43 2001

> > would have problems given larger route tables. We all don't have routers
> > that can easily chew through a 100,000+ line BGP table.
> I believe it is a legend. Unless you use Cisco 25xx to have a full BGP feed.
> Any Taiwan-made PC can swallow much more. The limit is not clear but is 
> certainly far away from us.

I don't know whether to argue this on the grounds that N^2 grows faster than N
and that the memory and processing capabilities of any single routing node are
insignificant next to the power of flap propagation, or on the grounds that it
is not possible for a person to argue about what THEY ought to do -- after all
they just do it, or not, or whatever -- so the argument here seems to be about
what OTHER PEOPLE -- that is, third parties -- ought to do, which is just nuts.

Either way, it sure is NANOG in here.