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Re: Exodus Files Chapter 11

  • From: David R Huberman
  • Date: Thu Sep 27 12:57:06 2001

Yesterday, Wayne Bouchard, a former employee of Global Crossing, posted
erroneous, misleading, wholly inaccurate information about the state
of Global Crossing and its finances.

> Lets not forget that globalcrossing (who already laid off 13,000
> people a couple of months ago)

Global Crossing currently employs approximately 11,000 employees. This
summer, in an effort to cut costs and streamline our organizational
structure, Global Crossing laid-off less than 2,000 employees.

> No doubt the bankruptcy will cause that company some considerable
> consternation which could adversely affect their end of the year
> results meaning yet MORE geeks could be living in cardboard boxes
> before the year is out.

Global Crossing has already recovered 100% of the bandwidth loss across
our network realized by the extrication of Global Center traffic from our

In no way does the financial outlook of Global Crossing and its network
rely on Exodus. Our revenue streams continue to grow at a steady clip, our
quarterly earnings report continue to reflect an EBIDTA-positive
organization, and each day we sign up more and more customers, large and
small, who utilize our 101,000+ route-mile global fiber optic network.

Our network build was fully funded. With the sale of Frontier
Communications by Global Crossing to Citizens Communications, Global
Crossing was able to pay down more than 50% of its long-term debt.

Global Crossing is in sound financial shape. Its long-term financial
outlook is bright, our customers are happy, and we'll be here running one
of the world's largest and fastest fiber optic networks long after many of
our competitors close their doors.


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