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Re: Which had more impact on the net?

  • From: Jim Popovitch
  • Date: Thu Sep 27 02:07:51 2001

--- Sean Donelan <[email protected]> wrote:
> Which had more impact on the the net?
>    1. Destruction in New York City Sept 11 and following days
>    2. Nimda virus/worm on Sept Sept 18 and following days
>    3. Multiple fiber cuts on Sept 26

According to certain NANOG members, Nick Catalano.  ;)

I would have to vote for Nimda.  Clearly it has raged hell on a lot of
equipment that wasn't prepared for those kinds of loads.  I think the
biggest impact was felt at the residential provider level (cable/DSL

I did speak with an intelligent engineer from AT&T Broadband (yes they
do exist) today about the routing problem I was seeing.  He mentioned
that they are developing a system to de-provision customers whose
home/business computers are wrecking havoc.  To date the problem hasn't
been taking the customer off line, but rather a CSR in a distant city
reactivating accounts withing hours after they had been deactivated. 
This new system will deactivate the account and only allow specific
action (patch downloads) once the customer calls to find out why their
account was disengaged.  Further action would be required to get the
customer back into service.  I think this is a very good step forward
for a Cable provider, especially one as large as AT&T BB.

-Jim P.

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