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Re: GPS SA and Network Timing

  • From: Petr Swedock
  • Date: Wed Sep 26 21:06:41 2001

 : "Hire, Ejay" <[email protected]> writes:
 : > In our next episode of Militant dictator How-to, we'll show you how to
 : > upgrade an antique scud missile to with a guidance system capable of 3-meter
 : > accuracy for less than $500.00 per unit..  Stay tuned!
 : Somehow, I find it difficult to believe I'm dignifying this with a
 : response (much less a public one), but here goes: 
 : Every commercial GPS unit that I have ever seen has a speed which, if
 : exceeded, will cause the unit to shut down (usually until
 : power-cycled).  It varies from unit to unit, but in every observed
 : case was substantially (several times) less than the speed of such
 : weaponry in flight.  

There's also acceleration/decceleration effects: in a missile 
that goes from zero to 'sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!!!'  in 
less than the time it takes to send a content-free post to NANOG, 
a commercial (off-the-shelf) GPS won't last til the projectile 
reaches max V.

 : Resist the cycle of content-free posts to NANOG...




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