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Slightly off-optic: Leaving Jippii

  • From: Jan-Ahrent Czmok
  • Date: Wed Sep 26 19:40:35 2001

Hi all,

times are changing, so do i.

I will be quitting my job at 31/12/2001 at Jippii GmbH therefore also
as a contact for AS5409, AS8543, AS6667 and AS8782 and es.jippii,
de.jippii and uk.jippii .

My 'former' collegues are taking over my job under '[email protected]'
and after that time, i'll be consulting Jippii in regards of peering

It was a wonderful time since 1996, but i'm not completely lost.

Starting 1st January 2002 i start my work at Global Access Telecommunications
also in Frankfurt.

I also will continure my ongoing work at the EIX-WG, IPv6-WG and RIPE/IETF

Also i will be reachable at '[email protected]' from now on. My old Account
([email protected]) will still work for quite a while...

So hope to see some of you at one of the next ripe meetings ...


Jan Czmok

 Jan-Ahrent Czmok       mailto:[email protected]
 Senior Network Engineer, Global Access, Stefanstrasse 3, 60313  Frankfurt
             Tel. +49-(0)-69-299896-0 Fax. +49-(0)-69-299896-66
             "Routing is irrelevant. BGP4+ will be assimilated"