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Re: Exodus Files Chapter 11

  • From: Christian Nielsen
  • Date: Wed Sep 26 18:38:59 2001

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Andy Ellifson wrote:

> It finally happened...  too bad.

Yes. But what does this mean to the network world? I dont think very much.
Last I checked, AS_174 is still up and running. And I highly doubt anyone
is going to go and turn the datacenters off tomorrow... Remember, this is
Chapter 11 and not Chapter 7. If it was Chapter 7, I would be more
worried. From the news stories I have read, Exodus had a lot of debt. I
think they are going Chapter11 to get rid of that dept.

Airlines have done this in the past..... as have other companies. Not all
make it but some come out of it in the end...


i am me, i dont write/speak for them