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Re: The wyrms and the law.

  • From: Larry Diffey
  • Date: Tue Sep 25 15:25:52 2001

By that definition, simple armed robbery is terrorism.  It would go
something like this:

Robber:  Give me your wallet.
Victim: Ok, just don't shoot me, I'll do anything you say.  (Reaches slowly
into back pocket) Here you go.
Robber: Lay down on the ground and count to 20 before you get up or I'll
shoot you.
Victim: Whatever you say.

The end result is that the robber coerced the victim into behaving a certain
way.  He's going up the river for terrorism if he gets caught.

Larry Diffey
I speak for my employer because I am my employer.

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Subject: The wyrms and the law.

> Life just got more interesting for the crackers.
> Yesterday a new virus was announced on the news. It's only an email virus,
> but in light of the above, the timing is interesting. The bar is being
> raised. Between Code Red and Nimda, the past few months have been most
> interesting, network-wise. By any stretch of the imagination, wyrm
> falls well within the boundary of "terrorist acts".
> The idea is that; to coerce behavior, via threat of harm or direct action
> commit harm, is an act of terrorism. There goes the argument that crackers
> are doing us all a favor by exploiting security holes.
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