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Peering BOF IV at NANOG 23

  • From: William B. Norton
  • Date: Tue Sep 25 11:36:36 2001

...This message is for Peering Coordinators coming to NANOG 23 in Oakland...

Monday evening there will be a Peering BOF for the Peering Coordinator community. The goal of this Peering BOF is to facilitate ISP peering by building community and through introductions. Here is the abstract and how you can *actively* participate.

Peering BOF IV
Now more than ever, Internet Service Providers are focusing on ways to increase the resiliency of their networks and if at all possible, reduce their operating costs at the same time. Past research (Peering Decision Tree (presented at NANOG 19) and A Business Case for Peering (send me e-mail for a copy)) demonstrates the economic tradeoffs of peering and highlight the simple but challenging first step:

How to know who to talk with at the ISP to get peering set up?

This Peering BOF focuses on this first step using "Peering Personals". Here is how it works.

We solicit Peering Coordinators (before the meeting) asking them to characterize their networks and peering policies in general ways ("content heavy" or "access (eyeball) -heavy", "Multiple Points Required" or "Will Peer anywhere", "Peering with Content OK", etc.). From the answers we will select a set of ISP Peering Coordinators to stand up and present a 2-3 minute description their network, what they look for in a peer, etc. allowing the audience to put a face with the name of the ISP. I will have a background page behind the Peering Coordinators that has Icons associated with each characteristics so folks can see if an ISP is a good peering candidate at a glance. At the end of the Peering BOF, Peering Coordinators will have time to speak with Peering Coordinators of ISPs they seek to interconnect with. The expectation is that these interactions will lead to the Peering Negotiations stage, the first step towards a more fully meshed and therefore resilient Internet.

If you are a Peering Coordinator and wish to participate in this BOF, please fill out the following form and e-mail to [email protected]
with Subject: Peering BOF IV
-------------------------------------------------- snip ------------------------------------------------

Check each that apply:
___ We are an ISP (Sell access to the Internet)
___ We are a Non-ISP (Content Company, etc.)
___ We are Content-Heavy
___ We are Access Heavy
___ Peering with Content Players or Content Heavy ISPs is OK by us
___ We generally require peering in multiple locations
___ We will peer with anyone in any single location
___ We have huge volumes of traffic (lots of users and/or lots of content)
(huge: > 1 Gbps total outbound traffic to peers and transit providers)
___ We have a global network
___ If given the opportunity I would like to stand up and say a few words about my network and what I am looking for in a peer.

Peering Contact Database
At the first NANOG Peering BOF I volunteered to maintain a Peering Contact Database (as an Excel Spreadsheet) that I e-mail out about every six weeks to participating Peering Coordinators. If you are a Peering Coordinator and would like to be listed in the PCD and get updates of the PCD periodically, send a note to [email protected] with Subject: PCD. BTW - I maintain this as a community service and is completely separate from my role at Equinix.

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William B. Norton Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison Equinix
[email protected] 650.315.8635