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Data Center AC Issues

  • From: ainman
  • Date: Mon Sep 24 22:21:44 2001
  • Author: Andrew Douglas Inman

Can anyone recommend an expert Troubleshooting/Design firm that has
extensive experience with Data Center specifici AC issues?

We have a strange problem (probably with the airflow/vents/arrangements) which
has machines in various locations dying due to heat, when the ambient temp
isn't above 90.

I've tried to find folks to deal with this and I get:

a)	Sales Rep's who want me to upgrade the entire system
b)	Folks who don't have Data Center experience but are willing to try
c)	Folks who claim to have experience but who either won't give ma
	 	references or who's reference don't say nice things about them

I got a line on two places in California (we're in Michigan) as was desperate
enough to call them but both seem to be out of business.

Thanks in advance for any advice and/or recommendations.

        -- Andrew