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Re: National infrastructure asset

  • From: Jan-Ahrent Czmok
  • Date: Sun Sep 23 19:55:10 2001

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001 00:00:30 +0100
Alex Bligh <[email protected]> wrote:

AB> 111 8th Avenue. These buildings are significant PoF in NY, and
AB> NY itself is pretty much an SPoF as far as transatlantic communication
AB> is concerned.

Well.. I would declare the SPoF rather in the whole area. Fibre trails are 
coming in from the seaside mostly near Mineola.

AB> A preplanned response would be useful here. Not having
AB> the PoF's would be more useful.

The question has to be answered by the Fibre Owners. They can solve the
issue. If they do is another question


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