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Re: National infrastructure asset

  • From: Bob Bownes
  • Date: Sun Sep 23 15:43:11 2001

USG has assets inside a number of co-lo providers. One of the companies
I work with happens to provide some under sub-contract to DOE. No
details available as to where it is however. :-}


Timothy Brown wrote:
> > But it does bring up another issue.  As far as I know, Exodus is
> > the only colocation designated a "national infrastructure asset.
> >
> >
> > I have no idea what that means in practical terms.  But I did want
> > to raise the question.  As an industry, we aren't vertically integrated.
> > Instead its an inter-linked set of dependencies.  Its not like the old
> > days when the government could just call up Ma Bell, and find out what is
> > happening.
> It is my understanding that the US Government has "national infrastructure"
> inside Exodus facilities.  As for what that means precisely, it's anyone's
> guess.  Security at the Exodus facility in Atlanta has always been pretty
> good, but I wouldn't call it stellar.
> I know that the USG at one point had significant infrastructure inside the
> Atlanta facility.  I recall seeing some serious looking cages around routers
> and Sun gear, but I couldn't say for sure; it was a long time ago.
> Tim