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National infrastructure asset

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Sep 22 20:26:32 2001

On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Matt Zito wrote:
> I don't know if all of the colos are reacting this way, but at AT&T's
> datacenter @ 811 10th Avenue in Manhattan, the security there has gone into
> crisis mode.  The steel doors are down to the main entrance - everyone must
> enter through a side door, where your bags are thoroughly searched and IDs
> checked to the Nth degree.

Some providers put out press releases, others haven't.  But I
believe colo providers which normally have a lot of security and
those which normally don't, took extra care with their security
last week.

But it does bring up another issue.  As far as I know, Exodus is
the only colocation designated a "national infrastructure asset.

I have no idea what that means in practical terms.  But I did want
to raise the question.  As an industry, we aren't vertically integrated.
Instead its an inter-linked set of dependencies.  Its not like the old
days when the government could just call up Ma Bell, and find out what is

Carriers are tenents in facilities operated by others.  All the colo
operators work very hard to maintain service, and have contigency
plans for foreseeable disasters.  But when the unforseen does happen,
should we have pre-planed responses with federal authorities?  Do
we need to include ISPs and the Internet in existing civil defense
plans?  And finally, should additional facilities be designated as
national infrastructure assets?