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Re: Cisco Memory Types

  • From: Mark A. Vallar
  • Date: Sat Sep 22 10:39:01 2001

> Stephen schrieb:
> >
> > Hi,
> >  does anyone have any sort of list of what types of memory all the
> > cisco routers take - specifically high end? isnt very
> > forthcoming.
> >
> > I'm looking for something detailed enough to be able to buy some RAM and
> > confidently install it without it being wrong parity, voltage, whatever!
> >
> might be your choice,
> -- Arnold

Beware of what memory you install, if it is not on the "official" approved
memory list from Cisco, it will basically void any warranty/support contract
you have if Cisco finds out.  Also Crucial and Kingston only list memory for
7500 and below, so if you are looking for memory for an ESR/GSR you'll
probably have to buy from Cisco.  Ouch ;-(

Cisco will give you a list of approved memory, but you need to open a case
with TAC to find out.  They don't post the info on the web.