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RE: AT&T network recovery preparations

  • From: Matt Zito
  • Date: Fri Sep 21 19:05:55 2001

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> Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 6:57 PM
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> Subject: AT&T network recovery preparations
> As far as I know, AT&T is the only carrier which maintained
> the ability to rebuild an entire central office from a "smoking
> hole in the ground."  Last year the program budget was in danger
> of being cut, and the program eliminated because it had never
> been needed.  It was an expense, which couldn't be justified.
> I spoke with one of the managers last year, and he said "It
> would only  take one catastrophe to pay for my entire budget."
> I don't believe he was thinking of this.

Along those lines:

I don't know if all of the colos are reacting this way, but at AT&T's
datacenter @ 811 10th Avenue in Manhattan, the security there has gone into
crisis mode.  The steel doors are down to the main entrance - everyone must
enter through a side door, where your bags are thoroughly searched and IDs
checked to the Nth degree.  

Something that's always been interesting about that facility as well are the
"Duress lights" at many of the corner junctions near security outposts.
There's a sign right next to these lights that reads "If the adjacent light
is lit, a security condition may exist around this corner. Entering may
constitute a serious risk to your person", or something like that.  

Nice to know that they take security seriously.


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