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RE: (fwd) [Oz-ISP] USG takes control of xpnder off PAS-2

  • From: Rowland, Alan D
  • Date: Fri Sep 21 16:47:25 2001

Or you could pony up for a non-preemptable circuit. Much more expensive.
Your choice. Live with it.

-Al Rowland

personal capacity only.

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Subject: (fwd) [Oz-ISP] USG takes control of xpnder off PAS-2

I thought this might interest NANOG:

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Subject: [Oz-ISP] USG takes control of xpnder off PAS-2

Well, there must be a big war coming up, because the US govmint just
appropriated our PAS-2 transponder, effectively shutting down our regional
operations on October 15.

I'm more than happy for journalists to call me.

I may be sympathetic to the USG over terrorism, but they can't go around
putting AUSTRALIAN REGIONAL ISP's out of business...

Terence C. Giufre-Sweetser

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