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was Virus fix---Network Associates' fixes/filters, etc

  • From: Murphy, Brennan
  • Date: Thu Sep 20 14:55:09 2001

Network Associates' Mcafee business unit has released a stand alone tool to
remove the nimda virus/worm. See this web page for more information:
Obviously, existing anti-virus software DATs have also been released.
Network Associates' Sniffer business unit has released Sniffer filters to assist
with identifying infected machines. There is even a way to set up an alert to
send an email once the worm's signature traffic is detected on a network.
See this web page for the filter and more information:
I am not authorized/~/able to answer software specific support questions--so please
do not contact me with those.  :-)  However, if I see a generic question posted to
this list about the worm that I can answer, I will do so...time permitting.
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At 07:46 PM 9/19/01 -0700, Andras Bellak wrote:
Norton released a definition file yesterday that cleaned everything but the .eml files and made the systems resistant to re-infection. They released an update today that got the .eml files as well.

Yes, but this requires us to install the antivirus software as well. Do you know any tools like FIX_NIMDA.EXE that can fix the problem automatically without having to use the antivirus software?

I still haven't seen anything that cleans up the htm, html, asp, etc files, but there are a few utilities that work fine for doing that one.

What are the utilities? Where can I get them?
Norton Antivirus will clean most of the htm, html, asp, etc files.
Thank you for your help.