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DS3 encapsulated in OC3c?

  • From: Simon Lockhart
  • Date: Thu Sep 20 12:24:18 2001


I'm about to bring up a transatlantic 622M circuit, and am stuck with an 
annoying SDH/SONET problem.

We use the Cisco 15454 SONET mux on our network, and although we'd ordered 
a SONET OC12 circuit, we've since been told that it'll actually be an SDH 
STM-4 circuit. This shouldn't be a problem, as the carrier can convert 
from SDH to SONET at their handoff, or we can convert from SDH to SONET on 
the way into the 15454. However, unfortunately both solutions leave us in 
the situation where the smallest SONET unit we can use is an STS-3c - and 
we need at least one DS3 circuit running over this.

So, I'm stuck trying to carry a DS3 in an STS-3c carrier (or, another 
similar solution).

Does anyone have any suggestions for a "cheap" box that will do this - 
without getting into buying a full SDH mux?


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