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RE: Worm probes

  • From: Eric Germann
  • Date: Tue Sep 18 20:04:54 2001

We found the following on an infected server also:

For each share on the server, it generates a .eml file and puts it in the
root of the share.  It then creates a index.asp, index.htm, default.asp and
default.htm on the root of the share which points to and downloads the .eml
file from the root of the share.  Neat thing is, anyone with Active Desktop
(View my Desktop as a Web Page) enabled is going to get it, presumably.
Simply by browsing the shared directory.  It looks like it morphs the .eml
file names to.  Not all are "readme.eml", althought they all are ~ 79K in

Happy disinfecting.  My customer on the end of a 56K FR link was fsck'd this
afternoon.  Welcome to IT during the first war fo the 21st century ...


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> > Along those lines, weren't there some projects last time around
> to find and
> > clean up the affected machines?  Clearly there are LOTS of vulnerable NT
> > servers still out there.  Presumably these are being responded
> to just like
> This also has an e-mail vector and a web DOWNLOAD vector.
> There may be lots of vulnerable NT servers, but there's a lot MORE copies
> of Outlook and Internet Explorer out there.
> Think SirCam *AND* CodeRed *AND* the infect-a-surfer vector....
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