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Re: bgp md5 auth

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Tue Sep 18 13:31:29 2001

> Two refused.  One simply said they don't support.  The other with
> reasoning that it was dumb and unnecessary with point-to-point links
> (ATM PVCs).

a bit light on the clue, eh?

> Two organization said they don't support TCP MD5 authentication, but
> they'll do BGP password.  Now when I ask I put a 'aka BGP password' in
> parentheses after I use the words 'TCP MD5 authentication'.

hey, they may never have seen more than one vendor in their lives, but at
least they're trying.

> The most common means of exchanging a password was over the phone. 
> Second most common way was via PGP encrypted email.  One organization
> sent a password in plain text email.

i'll settle