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RE: Our Qwest Testimonial:

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Tue Sep 18 13:22:42 2001

At 12:22 PM 9/18/2001 -0400, Smith, Rick wrote:
> was up all night, down again this morning.
>Blah. Their idea of redundant links must have been 1 fiber into Tower 1 and
>another into Tower 2. They'll never BOTH go away, Right?

Not to say anything about Qwest, but honestly, I would have thought fiber into each tower *WAS* "redundant" (assuming separate fiber paths into each building so one backhoe cannot hit both).

Until last week anyway.....

This really is way outside most people's "disaster recovery" scenarios. I can see the thinking now: "If both WTC towers fall over, we have much bigger things to worry about than fiber cuts." And they were right.